acoustic kitty

  making music as a form of self-expression,
  jes-I-\ka(n.)/  *optional*:noun, femV. 1. communicate via audio pleasure          
2. take action to change the world.




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Every time I go to sleep 
I have one thousand dreams 
They’re bending light so much 
It’s breaking at the seams 
                It’s breaking at the seems. 
Don’t know which way is south 
Still looking for a way out 
If the black turns to white 
How do we see the light?
                And every time 
                There’s a canary in the coal mine. 
If I turn to make a right 
I might just lose the light 
If I make a left right here 
Everything might disappear
                 It all just might disappear. 

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She lived in a paper house.  It was a paper house made from one-thousand paper cranes holding hope, dreams, and wishes.  And she say in her house folding the paper over and over again.  But no matter how many creases were pressed, the house blew away with the wind.  The bird never came.

At night she walked down the street.  Sometimes she walked to visit, listen to music, dance, or talk.  Or sometimes she drove with a companion and the discovered the river and gravel together.  Other times she went for a pack…Read more


I remember getting to the hospital and the heels of my feet cracked.  The air was cold and dry; my skin was unaccustomed to the harsh new climate.  After showers, I had to coat my sores with Vaseline and protect my extremities by putting on those blue fuzzy socks with the rubberized treads on the soles.  I still have those things and I call them Totes.  I'm not sure if this is the correct name for them but for some reason I recall having having a similar pink pair in my childhood.  Totes is what I called…Read more


She wakes after they breathed in unison and it's a feeling she cannot shake.  All day long the sight holds still.  The feeling of his face next to hers and the sounds of the voice explaining why they can do something they shouldn't do hover in her brain throughout the hours of the light.  It leaves her startled and sad.  And she knows the moments will not relent until she sleeps again.

Despite the upheaval, she is thankful for these occasional reminders.  Lately it seems as though the visions have been…Read more

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  Got the tracks.  Flick coming soon.


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Previous events

cc open mic

cc dt, grand, laramie

sundays at the buck

buckhorn bar, 1 over from grand, laradisio

Garner Sloan will be there & so will i.

jaisikka nada

the duck, fifth street

celebrate original wyoming music. i don’t do covers. (95% of the time) be there or be off by 80. love. peace. rip it. xo. xxx.

wyo singer songwriters

luminous brewhouse, 504 broadway, sheridan, wyoming

qualifying round. three songs only. stoked.

bear tooth music fest

edelweis, 120, clark, wyo

2nd day, main stage, starting things off

jubilee wrap up w/ the Ghoulies

the duck

no cover. ruffed up duck. jubilee wind down. c u there.

w/ electro hawk

corner beat, denver, co

corner of ogden & 14th. pm for additional info if needed.

cc open mic


jaisikka nada

performance peace.


bucking open mic


@ the Sweet Spot

sweet spot, mohawk, valley, CA

Monster Brains Paul Cullum Spencer Keizer Jaisikka Nada

Centennial Uptown Breakdown

beartree, centennial, wy

2p -- jaisikka nada 245p -- bob lefevre 330p -- low water string band 430p -- whippoorwill 530p -- lonesome heroes 630p -- sally & george 730p -- mary gauthier 830p -- jshogren shanghai'd 930p -- elk tongue


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MORIMENTO w/ Special Guest

Great Untamed, L' WYo.

With the AMBULANTERS (Lincoln, NE).


full MORIMENTO set.

First Street next to the Tracks., Laramie, WY

UW "LARAPALOOZA" at the Train Depot.

full MORIMENTO lineup

8 BYTES, LaRamie

SUNNYDALE HIGH EP Release Show! ZENITRAM returns from the Boze! and all of MORIMENTO will be there.


the DEPOT, first, la'town

Community Action Day with Forward Wyoming.

full MORIMENTO lineup w/....

8 BYTES, 3rd, LaRamie

The CRYPTICS from NH and Not My Weekend. We go on first at approx. 930p.

NADA solo set (opening)

8 BYTES, Laramie, WY

also playing: KANNIBAL KORPITZ, the KEGELS (SF, Ca.).