veritatem cognoscere.

performance artist, acoustic-punk, don't-know-what-you-call-it, "singer/songwriter", Jaisikka Nada doesn't really exist.  She is a figment of the imagination created half-way around the world on the 8th continent & years ago in the head of a child.  jaisikka(n.) was an accident, a type-o written on a small piece of papernow she is stuck in limbo with vague memories of Kitsune and other previous lives.  #Thirteen has often been used to describe the Honey Pot.

jaisikka(n.) calls her own shots, makes up her own rules, lives in a world of make-pretend carving out a creative existence through art & music. 
a cross between two worlds, two crows ago: is the first result. 

(or so they say.)

give a listen, shoot a message, stop back often, figure it out for yourself.       Life is always in flux.