ashes ashes


That flag was already on the ground.  It happened somewhere near the Golden Corral.
The wind decided to take it off my hands before I crossed the Catoctin Creek.

I tried to find a location for a proper flag…


no. 55

great bend, kansas is my banking town.  the last time i was there they told me i was a ripple.
to be more exact, great bend is one of my banking towns; i have many.  harlan, bloomfield, rawlins…


Thursday, July 19, 2007

yesterday is over and today is working on it.
today is over and tomorrow is working on it.

I'm not too sure why the heck the time is going so damn fast anymore.  It's flying and…

g why g

monday, may 7th, 2007

there is only one
person possible i
could write to on a
night like tonight
and that is myself. 
i say this as i lie
here on the mattress
foam on the floor
of my new…


(aka: mine that bird)

limited edition of 15 + one artist proof (number thirteen and A/P do not exist)
outer wrap
paper, black
paper, tracing
cd cover
memorex printable CD-R 700MB 52X


official release: monday, march…



I promise I won't call.  I won't stop by unexpectedly.
I promise I won't send you the space bar from my broken apple computer with the hard drive removed.
Tomorrow I promise I won't send you the X…




there's nothing to see here.

walking or driving through the district the sky is so big and heavy you can actually feel it pushing down on your insignificant body.  you don't mean a thing in this place.


let's talk

January 29, 2008

[ ... ]

[ ... ]  I walked in and said, "Maybe you guys should take it as a sign.  How 'bout we play a game of Risk?"

[ ... ]


blood money


Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am going to tell you a story.  It's a story about Madagascar.  But it's not a story about the lemurs or chameleons here, or is it about any of the eighty percent flora and…

vola meina


i went to the house to visit the body and the family of the already dead.  i stumbled shamefully on my words and simply said i didn't have enough malagasy words to talk about this.  but the fact is…


8mm, 1937
bell & howell projector
flip share camera
tube amp, vega
live recording, five tracks.
no edit or dub
old mac
garage band
replay exit, vega
lenovo laptop
onyx 8.1.0
1 shot








b'og 45

j' n'

professor r'

political science 4250

3 May 2006



cote d'ivoire: setting the stage for populism


[ ... ]


     From our thorough class discussion, the readings of John Lukacs…