46/50 states.

that's where i'm at.

texas is beautiful to the point it makes my heart hurt.

i cried much of the way back home after crossing the OK border.

the stateline into colorado consisted of a wall of smoke.

wyoming welcomed me with open arms.

i saw gettobirds.

and i saw a three-legged horse.

the statue outside the AQHA hall-of-fame bares the name of Sacred.

the horse i saw didn't actually have three legs but one was broke so it might as well have.

i've never seen that before.

the neighbor told me, "it's been like that for a while."

Texas Department of Transportation stayed with me on the side of the road.

together, we waited for the sheriff to arrive.

tomorrow, i will call to find out what happened.

i stopped in alabama to visit the history of radio museum.

the museum was closed.

i sang songs a capella in the parking lot.

i was the only one there.

nearby, i rode my bike outside the Jamz Skate Center.

the Skate Center was closed, too.

there was a place called Milo's in the distance.

i left a brand new, unopened copy of Water Liar's Wyoming album on the radio building.

i ate some oatmeal.  i sat under a tree. i thought about life.

i played one song from an Andes Incantation cassette tape and burned incense before i left.

it was hot.

the sun was bright.

in maryland, the sign on the beach says the Black Skimmers and Terns are endangered.

i couldn't walk any further.

the horseshoe crabs lay dead where the tide went out.

i made headstones for them from seashells.

after crossing the OK line, i cried most of the way home.







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