His mother warned him to never marry a woman who didn’t remove her makeup every night before falling asleep.  In the mornings when he saw her with mascara smeared below her eyes he would think about this. She knew it, too.  


She tried to adhere to his mother’s guidelines but every so often when things got hot and heavy she would forego the nightly routine.  


They’d wake and she’d look like a tired raccoon. 
She thought it was sexy.
He was mildly repulsed. 

Sometimes she’d wonder why he never popped the question.
In the back of her mind, she always knew the reason why. 




You know those Roschach ink blot tests where the viewer is shown random abstract images and the responses are analyzed as they first come to mind? 

This art, the writing and these posts are like that.  Intentionally, imagery or words or comments or photos are revealed to be interpreted in more than one way.  The response of the viewer reveals more about the eye of the beholder than it does the artist. 

“Rock and Roll is a Rodeo” was not intended to be a ride or sexually suggestive in any way.  The reference is specific and there are certain key people who know exactly where the phrase comes from.  The strategized nudity was used to get attention.

“EIGHT” can be either seconds or the continent.
It can also be eternity depending on the angle. 

The pictures of my tits? 
It’s a feminist statement.
That’s duct tape. 

The two missing letters… again they are specific and carry a definite reference.  If the viewer interprets the words as “FUCK IT” that’s on them, not me. 

The mug?  
A good friend of mine made it.  It’s my guns and porn mug.  Those are bullet holes patched over to contain coffee. 
My cousin (2nd cousin to be exact) really was in porn.  She really is dead.  The “TRIBUTE” piece isn’t in homage to porn but an argument against it and illustration of the love it lacks.  

In case you haven’t noticed, there aren’t any Os in XXX.
And to be entirely honest, I’m surprised somebody out there didn’t get a hold of “Rock and Roll is a Rodeo” sooner.  It wasn’t mine to take. 




When I lived in Madagascar .. near the end of my time there .. I did some translating for some doctors visiting from the United States.  In terms of incubation, this is probably when I contracted Dengue.  I could speak at length about the lies and tell you about and dreams I had.

I am haunted by that experience. 
I saw a women get held down for a pelvic exam.
She wasn’t ready.
I was traumatized by the experience.
I can only imagine how she must have felt. 


You don’t want to know the things I’ve seen.  Women were given drugs when no pregnancy tests were available. 
And a lot was lost in the interpretation.



















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