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when i was a kid i was in a play called Winnie the Pooh.  i acted the part of a little pink rabbit named Cottontail.  as i was walking around laramie yesterday at about 6:20 in the morning the sky was the most unbelievably amazing color i have ever seen in my life.  and i thought to myself.... indigo must be one of the most underrated colors out there.

in case you haven't figured this out or caught word, i'm in town and around for a few more days.  we have a couple events lined up this week finishing up with really cool show down in denver at a place called the Corner Beat.  the show is with our ol' friend Chris Waltimire; it's the relaunching of his band Electro Hawk.  it's also his birthday and the Corner Beat is where jaisikka nada was born so i guess that kinda makes us astrofamily in some sort of way.

anyway, make it there if you can! 

it's gonna be real dope & i know that for a fact.

and if you can't make it on friday? no worries, i have a few things in the pipeline coming down over the next couple days including a "live" performance peace. stayed tuned on that. details TBA.

as for Winnie?  keep fighting, baby.... we'll see you on the flip.





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