vola meina


i went to the house to visit the body and the family of the already dead.  i stumbled shamefully on my words and simply said i didn't have enough malagasy words to talk about this.  but the fact is, even if i could have used english, i still would not have had enough words to express my sadness and anger about what took place in ambalabe on the morning of october 28, 2007.

wrap me in a white cotton sheet, put me in a pine box and let me return to the dirt from where i came.

the dark complexion of the man, paf, had already whitened and ashed over with the arrival of death.

october 31, 2007 (wednesday) halloween

dm, c, dm, dm, c, dm, f, c, g, dm

there was a time i remember he said he'd never leave my side but now it's four or five years later the day of halloween night.
in my house all alone is where i sit.
the mask is off and the time is gone and the costume's god.





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