Friday, December 15, 2017 

Jaisikka Nada 
Keys Gap
West Virginia

To whom it may concern: 

I have been taking tiger vitamins for breakfast….  The children's chewable type.  I picked them up from the discount rack in the grocery stores where I shop. 
When my age was single digits, I crushed them between my baby teeth and swallowed them in pieces.  Sometimes I swallowed the tigers up whole. 

I’ve also been re-tracing my footsteps.  And let me tell you something:  I’m onto you. 
I see the destruction of open communication when the FCC voted to end Net Neutrality. 
I see the end of access to public lands when your “president” sliced million of acres off the most beautiful protected areas of land in district you call ‘Utah’.
I see the smoke of the forests burning.
And I see the cowardly men run for cover when a lunatic sniper cuts the young masses to shreds in the land of ‘Las Vegas’ amidst the music. 

In a time long ago, our men would fight.  They would protect the unprotected.  They would rush women and children to safety as the shattered glass rained down. 

But your men are weak.  They hide their heads or take pictures and videos on their phones as girls next to them die in a puddle of blood.   Your men text their families to say “goodbye” one last time while waiting for the bullets to come.

Your men don’t know honor.

I also see the bamboo growing on the high elevations of the West Virginia/Virgina state line.  That vegetation does not belong there.  Today, it is dusted by snow.  Tomorrow it will continue to grow. 

So I ask, “Where did this bamboo come from?”

The people to whom I belong would call it VAZAHA.  They would say it is a foreigner.
It does not belong among the deciduous trees of Maple and Oak.  Hickory and Ash.
It does not belong next to trail along the eastern mountain ridgelines. 

So consider this a warning.
Open your eyes.

I am nothing.
And this is your worst nightmare. 



Jaisikka Nada





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